How Do Private Middle Schools Prep Students for High School?

Private middle schools prepare students for high school by providing tailored programs to suit the specific needs of the student and family. In addition, they encourage students to take part in extracurricular activities for their personal development. About 5.4 million PK-12 students learn in 33,619 private schools in the United States alone. Here are some of the ways private…

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CEA Little Store Online Now Open!

The CEA Little Store is open and ready to receive your orders! The CEA Little Store is our online store, where you can purchase the following items from your child’s school supply lists, as well as certain Conservatory uniform items: Art Apron CEA Burgundy Leotard Conservatory Leotards and Hair Pieces Conservatory T-shirts and shorts CEA Folder Jazz Shorts Jazz…

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Why Do Kids Benefit From Private Education?

private education

Kids can truly benefit from private education. Unlike public schools, these schools don’t accept every student. According to NCES, the average private school has about 166 learners. On the other hand, public schools have about 526. There are several benefits to being in a school with fewer students. The environment will be safer, and students will get more opportunities…

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Advantages of Private Schooling You Can’t Overlook

There are several reasons why parents love private schools. According to National Center for Education Statistics data, 88% of students who attend private high schools apply to college. On the other hand, 57% of public high school students do the same. If you’re interested in your child going to college, then you should strongly consider sending your child to…

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Prepare Your Student for College With the Best Private Schooling

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, students who started attending private schools in the 9th grade were more likely to get a Bachelor’s degree or higher by the time they turn 25. This statistic is reflected in the percentage of 52% of private school students versus 26% of public school students who reach achieve this milestone. Therefore,…

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