Conchita Day

Each year on February 23rd, we celebrate Conchita Day.  Conchita Day is a celebration of Conchita Espinosa’s birthday, during which every year we come together as a school community to honor and celebrate our founder, but more than that, Conchita Day is a time to reflect on what it means to be a member of the Conchita Family. Students…

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Fourth Grade Celebrates First Holy Communion

Congratulations to the fourth grade class, who celebrated their First Holy Communion on Saturday, February 26th. We wish them many blessings in the start of this new part of their spiritual journey.A special thank you, Ms. Fabiola Martinez, an exceptional job taking care of every last detail to ensure their spiritual journey is fruitful and their day memorable. Pictures…

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How To Help Your Student Think More Critically

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It’s important to promote the use of 21st-century tools that encourage critical thinking in your student. This way, your student can better approach problems and grasp concepts faster. This is one of the reasons why parents prefer private schools. The 33,619 current private schools in the U.S. that serve 5.4 million pre-K through 12 students have mastered the art…

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How a Private School Education Will Put Your Middle School Student On The Path to Success

Considering a private middle school can be a big undertaking. There are more private schools available for children than ever before, and you may have multiple private schools to choose from in your area. But generally, you will need to apply to have your child attend one, at least in some form. Though not all private schools have academic…

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What Would Your Child Learn at a Performing Arts Academy?

You may wonder whether sending your child to a performing arts academy is in their best interest. Typically, a performing arts academy isn’t the type of school that you can simply enroll your child in unless it’s meant for very young kids. Usually, children will need to show minimally an aptitude for the performing arts when applying for admission;…

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We are currently offering Virtual Tours for all prospective families for the 2022-2023 School Year.