Turkey Trot

While this year’s “Turkey Run” was not done on Thanksgiving, this is a better time than ever to think about and be reminded of all we have to be grateful for. Congratulations to the runners who placed in this year’s Turkey Run! Grade 1st Pace 2nd Place 3rd Place 1st Pace 2nd Place 3rd Place 1st David Rodriguez Logan Hunter…

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Celebration of the Month of Mary

Each year in May, in honor of the month of the Virgin Mary, we honor and celebrate her. This year, each grade presented flowers and gifts and honored the Virgin Mary through prayer and songs. Thank you Mrs. Martinez for doing such a beautiful job preparing our students for this day and for encouraging such respect and devotion to…

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6 Skills Kids Develop In a Performing Arts School

Kids are naturally curious. They want to observe, explore, and imitate to figure out how things operate. This free exploration is more evident when taking art lessons. Not only do they allow children to manipulate color and materials, but they also nurture different skills. This unrestricted exploration provides room for experimentation, which is critical in a child’s early development….

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We are currently offering Virtual Tours for all prospective families for the 2022-2023 School Year.