4 Top Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in the Best Private Elementary School

best private elementary school

The biggest dilemma among parents with small kids is whether or not to send their children to a preschool. However, in recent times, the debate has been settled in favor of early childhood education as more parents witness preschool education benefits. As a result, more parents are sending their children to the best private elementary school to get a…

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3 Qualities To Consider When Choosing a Private School for Your Child

best private school

A well-rounded education sets up your child for future success in our increasingly competitive global economy. For children to make a worthwhile contribution in the future, they must be all-rounded individuals who are not only adept in their craft but also disciplined, respectful, and empathic people. It all starts with a quality education right from elementary school to upper…

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3 Benefits of a Blended Approach to Learning

Many elementary school classrooms are finding interesting ways to impart knowledge to their students. Teachers are enhancing their elementary school curriculum by integrating the use of new, interactive technology with traditional teaching methods. This blending style can help students learn more to achieve lifelong success. This can be highly beneficial for smaller private schools, which enroll 146 students on…

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We have extended our sports offerings

We are thrilled to announce that we are extending our sports offerings to include K4 through 8th grade! After-school Sports Offerings by Grade:K4 & Pre-Primary – Soccer, Track1st & 2nd Grade – Track, Basketball3rd – 8th Grade – Track, Basketball, Volleyball Season: April 19 – May 27Cost: $300 per sport, payable online through our online payment portal, E-Bill Express: https://www.e-billexpress.com/ebpp/CEA/. Under…

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Conchita chosen as one of the four women who helped shape Miami.

We are honored that our founder, Conchita Espinosa, was chosen by Miami New Tropic as one of the four women who helped shape Miami. Conchita Espinosa was an innovator, a forward thinker, who trusted in her vision and believed in the power of the arts to transform and empower young lives. For over 88 years, CEA has followed its…

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6th Grade Science Fair

Congratulations to all of the Sixth Grade Science Fair winners and participants! This year’s science fair, led by Mrs. Castillo, took place virtually. Instead of touring the CEA cafeteria lined with boards, each student had a custom page where they uploaded each step of their project, including their variables, procedures, photos, and more.  This year’s science fair winners were: 1st Place- Madison Press Martinez 2nd…

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Benefits of Remote Learning In a Private School Setting

Our current state of affairs may have disrupted life as we know it, but when it comes to education, the show must go on. As parents work to educate their children through remote learning, there are some surprising benefits of distance and online schooling. Let’s examine some of those benefits and explore ways that remote learning private school education…

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What to Know When Choosing a Day Care in 33184

Choosing a day care can be intimidating for parents. After all, this is usually the first time that a child will be spending any significant time outside of the home away from their parents. As a parent, you only want what’s best for them so they can thrive as they continue to develop and grow. For parents looking at…

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3 Benefits of Sending Your Child to Private Elementary School

While most children in the United States still attend public schools, there are 33,619 private schools in the United States, with over 5.4 million students for pre-k through grade 12. That’s no small percentage, and it is due to the value that is offered by private education. In fact, the benefits of private elementary school are innumerable for your…

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We are currently offering Virtual Tours for all prospective families for the 2022-2023 School Year.