Tips For Finding a Private School in Miami

private school in Miami

As a parent, naturally you want the best for your child. And a good education is one of the most important foundations necessary for giving your child a good start in life. Private schools have been shown to provide a better educational experience than other types of schools. And the statistics show how popular private schools really are: 10%…

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WE have the power

No matter what happens in the world around us, let us always remember that only WE have the power to make our choices and determine our outcome. Pre-Primary class worked on a “Proactive Project,” each student declaring his or her choices. WE choose to be kind.  WE choose to be prepared. WE choose to be positive. WE choose to…

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Benjamin Leon, CEA c/o 2012, Virtual Visit to 8th Grade

Benjamin Leon, CEA class of 2012, visited Mrs. Santalo and Mrs. Cuesta’s 8th grade math class. Benji spoke to the class about his wonderful experiences at Conchita and how he discovered his love for musical theater here. He has since formed his own successful theater production company, @loxenproductions. He had some wonderful words of advice for the students to…

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What to Consider When Choosing Your Child’s Private School

private preschools in your area

When you are searching for the best private school for your child, it important to take many factors into account. Private schools have different teaching philosophies, specializations, and angles for teaching. They are as unique as your child, so it is important to take into account how your child learns and functions best when choosing any private school, like…

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Why You Should Send Your Child to a Private Preschool

top preschools in miami

You may be wondering, why start private school early? Where do I find the top preschools in Miami? What are the benefits of having your children attend private school? There are many answers to these questions, and below are a few answers that can help inform your decision regarding sending your children to a top preschool. Smaller Class Sizes…

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3 Tips for Finding the Best Online Preschool for Your Child

best online preschool

There are currently 33,619 private schools in the United States, serving 5.4 million PK-12 students. As remote learning is on the rise, it’s important to reconsider what the future of private education holds for your child. You may have done some research on the best online preschool near you, but maybe you’re still lost in the surplus of information…

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2020 Ink-tober Art Challenge!

All CEA students are invited to participate in the 2020 Ink-tober Art Challenge! For each of the 31 days in October, students are challenged to create a daily ink drawing. RULES: It cannot take more than an hour Always have fun doing it! It’s OK to make mistakes. *Send your favorite drawings to Mrs. Vazquez at to be…

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We are currently offering Virtual Tours for all prospective families for the 2022-2023 School Year.