3 Benefits of a Private Preschool Education

Private Preschool Education

Private schools make up 25% of America’s schools and they currently register 10% of Pre-Kindergarten (PK)-12 students. When considering the best form of education for your child, there are many factors to think about. Weighing the advantages of private schools and public schools enables parents to make an informed decision, and Our Kids lists three benefits of a private…

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Why is Now The Time To Find A Private Preschool Near You?

private preschool near me

Parents, without a doubt, want the best education possible for their children. That’s why so many parents make the choice to send their children to a private school for elementary and secondary school. But what about private preschools? Is preschool too early for private education? If you’re wondering, “why should I find a private preschool near me,” here are…

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Do Coed Classes Help Or Hurt Students?

Coed Classes

Most public schools in today’s world are coeducational, but that doesn’t mean all schools follow this model. While some private schools across the nation pride themselves on being gender-exclusive, there are a wide variety of benefits to having coeducational classrooms. Mixed-gender classrooms allow for a wider range of student experiences than single-gender classrooms, fostering emotional intelligence, social skills, and…

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Education And The Arts: How Art In Preschool Stimulates Academic Learning

s a parent invested in your child’s education, you probably see the advantages of private schools over public schools. From smaller class sizes (about 87 percent of American private schools have a student body of less than 300) to varied curricular themes to better resources, a private education usually wins in comparison.  Now that you’re researching which Miami private…

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