Why Your Child Needs to be Involved in the Arts

Sports, small classes, and teacher focus are all things that private schools are known for. Their students excel in different activities and subjects and are able to get into the top schools in the country. While these things are important for children to be involved in, the arts are also a great thing to get your child into. Unfortunately,…

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No Education Is Complete Without Extracurricular Activities

A 2008 Harvard Family Research Project revealed that encouraging children to engage in after-school activities could significantly improve their development, offering benefits that range from physical to educational, psychological, and social in nature. While many public schools are cutting funding to extracurricular programs, private schools like Conchita Espinosa Academy understand that learning doesn’t stop at 3 p.m. simply because…

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Reasons For Keeping Elementary Classrooms Co-Ed

One of the antiquated images of private schools is the separation of sexes: “The Manners School For Girls”, “The Academy For Boys”, right? The vast majority of modern-day private schools are in fact coeducational. As of the 2011-12 school year, only 2% of private schools were all-girls enrollment and another 2% enrolled solely boys. While there is something to…

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