The Benefits of Private Schools in Miami, Florida

Almost everyone can agree that an education is one of the most important gifts that we can give our children. Every stage — from preschool and onwards — is instrumental in shaping the adult they’ll become. Many parents opt for a private school education all the way through, while others may start their child at a private middle school…

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3 Common Myths About Private Schools

Myths About Private Schools

When you think about private schools, a lot of preconceived notions likely come to mind. Private schools are common in the U.S., with some 33,619 institutions ranging from private elementary schools to high schools. And because they’re so common, there are a lot of myths that perpetuate the industry. These myths might make you second guess private schooling as…

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3 Questions to Consider When Choosing Private School

Choosing Private School

When considering where to send your child to school, you have one major decision to make. You have to choose between sending them to either public school or private school. Private schools tend to have smaller class sizes, while public schools can have at least 600 people per grade level. Private schools don’t rely on a zip code, while…

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