1st & 2nd Grade Health Fair

First grade has been studying health and nutrition with their teachers, including learning about muscles and bones, how they work and how we take care of them. To culminate their unit, first and second grade held their annual Health Fair!

Thanks to our amazing volunteer parents and faculty, students had the opportunity to learn from a number of different professionals who spoke about their respective fields, gave demonstrations, and shared tips on how to stay healthy and safe!

Dr. Gabriel Suarez (Lucas and Stella’s dad)

Dr. Laura Perez (Valentino’s mom)

Sergeant Lazaro Rial (Tiffany and Adrian’s dad)

Officer Marie Abbott

Captain Jose Guerra (Enzo’s dad)

Lieutenant Bryan Gonzalez (Giselle’s dad and class of 2004 alumnus)

Firefighter Eduardo Garcia (Lincoln’s dad)

Firefighter Christopher Fernandez

Coach Danny Prol, fitness

Jessica Prieto, yoga and breathing

From learning how to brush your teeth properly to seeing the inside of a police car, our fire truck and fire extinguisher demonstrations, to fitness, yoga, and breathing, thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated to help make this day a success!