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For over 80 years, Conchita Espinosa Academy (CEA) has followed founder Conchita Espinosa’s vision of education, which consists of a solid academic foundation coupled with an immersion in the arts and humanities from an early age. CEA’s intimate environment supports our students’ development and helps them grow to become well-rounded, creative, and confident individuals.


 “To reach a child's soul one must know him, guide him
and especially, love him.” – Conchita Espinosa

Conchita Espinosa Academy is a private, coeducational K-8 school first established in Havana, Cuba in 1933. CEA began with a dream and a piano. By 1959, what began as a musical kindergarten with only seven students, had become a K-8 school with over 450 students. Conchita Espinosa, the founder, believed that every child deserves and has the right to a complete education in the arts and sciences. She dreamed of a school where students would develop passion and character and have the opportunity to enjoy the precious years of childhood.

In 1963 in Miami, history was repeated, and Conchita Espinosa reopened the school once more as a kindergarten, each year subsequently adding a school grade until becoming a K-8 school. From the garage of her home, to the first campus in Little Havana, to the state-of-the-art 10-acre facility in southwest Miami-Dade home to the school today, Conchita’s legacy has carried on for generations. Times and books have changed, technology has evolved, but the essence of CEA has always remained the same: a school that offers an excellent academic program, sophisticated arts education for all children, an attentive and nurturing environment, and fundamental human values.

CEA is more than a school. It is a place where students learn more about more. They are empowered to look for the best in others and themselves and are shaped into young men and women who actively explore interests, hone talents, and advocate ideas. CEA is proud to see its students become well-rounded individuals who, upon graduation, shine in the best high schools across South Florida and not only follow their dreams, but live them. Conchita's beliefs in the power of the spirit, the wealth of the mind, the sacredness of childhood, and the strength of following one's dreams, live on as part of her legacy.

Conchita Espinosa
February 23, 1914 – September 19, 2006

 “To reach a child's soul one must know him, guide him and especially, love him.”

At the age of 14, Conchita graduated from the “Conservatorio Internacional de Música” in Havana, Cuba as a professor of piano and music theory.  She continued her music education with renowned professors and artists Joaquín Nin, Ernesto Berumen and Jasha Fishermann, and went on to become a concert pianist in Mexico, Cuba and the U.S.

In 1933, at the age of 19, Espinosa founded “La Academia Musical Conchita Espinosa” in Havana. By 1959, the Academy – which included an elementary school as well as music and dance programs - had 450 students.  Three decades later, after arriving in Miami, Conchita continued her life´s work as a teacher of music.

In 1963, she opened Conchita Espinosa Academy in Miami, in the garage of a small home on SW 22nd Avenue and First Street- the neighborhood that would later become Little Havana. Registrations at the school surged and the school flourished.  In 1984, Conchita Espinosa Academy moved to a 10-acre parcel at 12975 SW 6th Street. Today, the school houses students in grades K3 to eighth grades and its students continue Conchita’s legacy of personal, academic, and artistic excellence.

During her extensive career, Conchita received many honors including the Richard and Dorothy Lear Memorial “Distinguished Educator Award” presented to her in March 1994 and the “Legacy of Excellence Award” presented by General Motors during Hispanic Heritage Festival in 1999. Additionally, she received “Conchita Espinosa Day” proclamations from both the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County.  In 2001, S.W. 6th street – which fronts Conchita Espinosa Academy – was named “Conchita Espinosa Way.”  Her last honor, presented to Conchita in May 2006, was the prestigious Medalla de Excelencia Nacional Cubana from the Instituto de San Carlos de Cayo Hueso.

Donations in memory of Conchita may be made to the following:

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Attention: Memorial Department,
501 St. Jude's Place, Memphis, TN  38105
Conchita Espinosa "Celebration of Life" Fund,
Account #: 16785278

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind
601 S.W. 8th Avenue, Miami, FL  33130

Attention: Children's Endowment
on behalf of Conchita Espinosa

Alicia Espinosa
December 22, 1917 - August 18, 2017

“Beautiful buildings stand on solid foundations,
and CEA stands on Conchita’s legacy
and the unfailing strength and love of her younger sister, Alicia.”

Alicia Espinosa was born on December 22, 1917. She grew up in Havana, Cuba loving to play the piano, reading, and being a loving friend and sister to Conchita. She encouraged and supported Conchita when she decided to open a musical kindergarten in 1933 and for the next 80 years she fostered Conchita's dreams of building a school and conservatory and made sure they worked. Alicia was the one who did the practical side of running a successful place for learning and growing. She was the one who handled the finances, the paperwork, and the numerous logistics that go into guiding a school. She was the first one to arrive each day, turning on the lights, greeting the children, and preparing everything for students and teachers to have a place where they could soar. Alicia was also a gifted piano teacher herself. She had a special talent for the coaxing of little fingers to the right keys and correct positions and helping them find joy in the music they created. She was never one to seek the limelight. She didn't look for recognition and praise. She had no love of power, but she knew deeply the power of love and shared that with everyone she knew. She worked quietly, dedicating her life to Conchita, Maribel and Luis, Carol and Ana, and the school. She made a difference with her loyalty, her consistency, and her gifts of music and good sense.

The core philosophy that Conchita developed over 80 years ago can still be seen in our mission, our curriculum and the joyous faces of our students. Throughout the years Conchita Espinosa Academy has evolved and grown.  Location, faculty, and books may have changed, but the essence of C.E.A. remains the same. 

Conchita’s beliefs in the power of the spirit, the wealth of the mind, the purity of the child, and the strength of following one’s dreams live on in our school as part of Conchita’s legacy.


CEA Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring out the extraordinary in every child by educating him to be disciplined in his studies, passionate about his individual talents, aware of his social responsibility, and to develop a knowledge of and appreciation for the arts.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the strength of a well-rounded education.

We believe the arts stimulate self-awareness,
creativity, self-confidence, communication and thinking skills,
and energize all other areas of the curriculum.

We believe a strong and demanding academic foundation
provides students with the skills and knowledge
necessary to succeed in life.

We believe the development of a strong,
healthy body, mind, and spirit is
an essential component in a child’s education.

We believe in technology working for man,
not man working for technology.

We believe in the power of character.
Discipline, respect, and empathy
must be an integral part of a child’s education.

We believe in the sacred partnership
between the home and the school.

Our School Anthem

Es nuestro himno un mensaje de paz,
De esperanza y de felicidad,
Que al entonarlo nos da libertad
Para pensar, para crear y realizar.
Que al entonarlo nos da libertad
Para pensar, para crear y realizar.

Cantemos todos: ¡todos unidos!
Cogidos de la mano fuertemente.
Juremos todos: ¡todos juremos!
Querernos y ayudarnos mutuamente.

Cantemos todos, todos unidos,
Mirando hacia un futuro luminoso,
Lleno de amor, de comprensión y libertad,
Llenos de amor, de comprensión y libertad.

Es nuestro himno un mensaje de paz,
De esperanza y de felicidad,
Que al entonarlo nos da libertad
Para pensar, para crear y realizar.



CEA Faculty & Staff

Our faculty is composed of degreed professionals who strive to carry out the mission of Conchita Espinosa Academy. To contact a faculty member by e-mail, click on his or her name.


Maribel Zubieta Diaz, Director Emeritus
Carol L. Diaz-Zubieta, M.S. Ed., Director
Cassandra K. Jolliff, M.S. Ed., Principal
Noris Frades, Assistant Principal
Loriana Novoa, Ed.D., Educational Advisor
Ana Diaz-Zubieta, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist
Elisabela Alvarez-Valls, M.B.A., Communications Director
Christina Rajo, Educational Technology Coordinator

Educational Resource Faculty

Vivian Martinez, Media Specialist


Office Staff

Audrey Gonzalez, Registrar
Adrian Izquierdo, Financial Administrator
Jessica Prieto, Administrative Assistant to the Director and Principal
Irene C. Recio, School Secretary


Early Childhood
Early Childhood
Building Coordinator
Magdalena Diaz

Kindergarten Teachers
Carlota Castro
Jannine Rodriguez
Ann Daniels
Kindergarten Aides
Mercedes Espina
Mariela Montoya
Magaly Rodriguez
Giovana Vila
Pre-Primary Teachers
Yanilet Diaz
Milly Torres

Pre-Primary Aides

Erika Torres
Eliana Yero
Lower School
First Grade Teachers
Jimena Cruz
Jessica Mena
Carola Palacio

Second Grade Teachers
Hidalis Estevez
Helen Hernandez
Grisel Llerena

Third Grade Teachers
Marisol Bosque
Diane Majors
Maryann Salvat
Fourth Grade Teachers
Janette Fernandez
Mariajose Jeria
Ana Vizoso
Upper School
Fifth Grade & Sixth Grades Seventh & eighth grades
Gabriela Atienza, Social Studies Cindy Cuesta, Math
Latoni Bivins, Composition and Grammar Angelica Julio, Literature
Veronica Castillo, Science Olga Mendez, 8th grade Composition & Grammar
Fransel Lapica, Math Joshua Mosca, Science
Jessica Munar, 6th Grade Literature Jessica Munar, 7th grade Composition & Grammar
Carmen Santalo, 5th Grade Literature Alejandro Valhuerdi, Social Studies
Karina Vazquez

MovemenT & DANCE
Danella Bedford
Maite Diz
Diego Salterini

Alison Elliott

Anaida Carquez
Ibette Fernandez
Lizet Ledon
Yirka Ledon
Norman Milanes
Ileana Raymat
Edgar San Feliz


Jonathan Ordinola
Danny Prol
Carlos Salvat
Fabiola Martinez
Belinda Reina-Somoza

Margarita Menendez
(Grades K-1)
Emina Neila
Silvia Espinoza-Valls
(Grades 2-5)
Emilia Macias
(Grades 6-8)

Marie Acero
Support Staff
Diana Castillo, Art Aide
Patricia Saavedra, Substitute Teacher


Conchita Espinosa Academy is located on ten beautifully landscaped acres in southwest Miami-Dade County. The campus has three distinct facilities:  the main school building, the Early Childhood Learning Center, and the Conservatory. Each facility is designed to respond to the needs of the developmental stage of the children it houses.

The Early Childhood Learning Center, the most recent addition to the campus, is designed to meet the specific needs of early learners. Each classroom has its own bathroom, sinks, and water fountains. The Early Childhood Learning Center also has its own contained playing areas specifically designed for our youngest children.

The main school building is home to the administrative offices, classrooms for grades 1 to 8, cafeteria, and the fully-equipped Rosita Segovia Theater. The campus also has several acres dedicated to sports playing fields, which include two basketball courts, a baseball field, batting cages, a fitness cluster, and soccer and football field.

The Conservatory building houses three professional dance studios, a comprehensive art room, and several music rooms for individual and group classes. The library is also located in the Conservatory building.

From the Desk of Maribel Zubieta-Diaz

Next September we begin our 87th year under the same family leadership, continuing our mission and philosophy of global education. 

         What does global education mean to CEA?  Global education at Conchita means a rigorous academic program based on humanities and sciences and developed by applying what we’ve learned to real life situations.  It’s discovering new ways of using and sharing information and developing critical thinking.  It’s developing the ability to connect with different people and learning to compromise. It is understanding multiple paths of expression through the arts:  music, dance, visual arts, theater, and writing.  It’s awakening a curiosity for different cultures, ways of living, and ways of thinking while recognizing we are all citizens of one world.  And finally, it’s developing a sense of purpose, fulfillment and the joy of improving our world.

         Technology will take over many of the jobs we see today, thus our students have to be prepared for a world we have not seen and will require skills that aren’t found in a workbook or memorized – computers can do that.  Our children will need a strong academic background that allows them to discern what resources they need to consult.  They will need to develop the ability to articulate their thoughts and feelings clearly and relate to others.  And most of all, they will need the fortitude to work hard for what they want, learn from their failures and exhibit the resilience to get up and try again. 

         As technology shrinks our world, the demands for effective and efficient communication increase; therefore, students need to be multilingual.  Studies have shown that being multilingual sharpens executive functions such as mental flexibility, behavioral regulation, memory, and allows for greater focus.  Knowing another language increases cultural understanding and can stimulate empathy. 

         We can be sure the world will continue to change, and technology will play an increasingly large role, but it can’t take the place of our humanity.   We will continue to educate our children to be strong, thoughtful, compassionate leaders, intelligent, resourceful, caring followers, and to have the wisdom to know when they should lead and when they should follow.

         The Espinosa Method of education is not about grades;  it’s about learning.  It’s about how our children use what they’ve learned to help them find their way.  We all want our children to be happy, but they also need to know that things can go wrong and they will fail at times.  But we instill in them the idea that they are strong enough, smart enough, and compassionate enough to work through the failures and be stronger, smarter, and more compassionate on the other side.  This is part of life.

         As we end the year, please look at your children, listen to your children, and see how they are becoming citizens of the world for the world. 

         Have a blessed summer! 

Maribel Z. Diaz, Director


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Dear Maribel and Family:

What a wonderful and moving tribute to your family and all the students that have been touched.  I though the bar was high last year, and was wondering how you would raise it this year.  You did, I must say that the talent and production values were high, and the tributes were moving.  

Thanks, Danny

 - Daniel Lewis (About Festival of the Arts  2014), Founding Dean of Dance, New World School of the Arts

It was FANTASTIC seeing everyone and being welcomed with SUCH love and warmth. You have such an incredible school, Maribel.  I know you already are completely aware of that, but having taught in Europe, Eastern and Western Canada, and in the U.S. from underprivileged to wealthy schools I can say that I am so touched by what goes on at Conchita Espinosa. What an incredible team of loving teachers you have and the reception from Cassandra and Carol and

Irene in the office was equally loving.  Let's not forget Edelmira!!!  Wow...she looks better than ever! I miss you and love you all. All the best your way and I hope our paths cross many more times in the future. Again, thank you for having given me the wonderful opportunity to be a part of your school.

 - Kathleen Hatchell, Former CEA Visual Arts Teachers, Current Department Coordinator, Curriculum Leader, Visual Arts Teacher TFS - Canada's International School

Soy profesora de Guitarra en esta maravillosa escuela hace 15 Años. He crecido con "Conchita" , Por lo que puedo decir que soy parte de esta familia que ha dado tantos frutos a través de todos estos años. Como pedagoga que ama su profesión y que cree en la educación integral, Conchita Espinosa Academy es la respuesta más completa a las necesidades de nuestros niños hoy: Formación esmerada y sólido currículum que incluye un amplio abanico de enseñanza artística al más alto nivel. Todo esto sazonado con profundo amor y respeto para nuestros pequeños: los profesionales, padres y artistas del futuro.

- Mirtha de la Torre

“It was home for over ten years to my now grown children and me. It will always be more than a school.”

– Nora Travieso Delgado

¨Buenas tardes! Quiero dejar en este muro mi experiencia de Conchita, tengo dos hijas desde hace 2 años en este colegio y lo que me marcó en el tour al conocer al colegio fue lo que experimenté durante este tiempo, Conchita es familia, unión, amor, educación, y el arte que quieras! Ayer fue el Festival de Artes y quiero reconocer a todos los que conforman el colegio, fue un show espectacular, el nivel que vi en el me maravilló y solo pensar que los chicos más grandes tienen 14 años y el dominio que tienen en cada disciplina es de aplaudir! Los chicos de teatro hicieron vibrar mi alma! Gracias! La música espectacular! Ver a los profesores tocando para el baile de los chicos, con aquella alegría y unión entre ellos me fascino, los trajes, bellísimos! Gracias por tan bella experiencia estos dos años, me llevo de Conchita muchas cosas bellas! Bendiciones y que sea por muchos años más!¨

-Marisela Cortez Bergoderi

“I always saw her (Conchita) as the Latin version of Maria Montessori. Conchita and her dream remain alive in the classrooms and halls of CEA, and in the hearts of those she touched.”

– Cookie Kawasaki

“I am who I am in great part due to Conchita Espinosa. I will extol the virtues of this great woman and the school she founded to my last breath.”

– Maria H. Perez

“I am proud to be an alumni and fortunate to have my children follow in the same footsteps.”

– Litza Chong Lopez

“Love the school, two of my children graduated from Conchita, we are very grateful for the education they received and for the wonderful teachers and people who worked there.”

– Ana Maria Grau Garcia

“Raising incredible well-rounded young people for many, many, many years...All because of an incredible woman's vision, love of children & the arts. Thank you Conchita!!”

– Sylvia Naljieff


– Gloria Garcia de Montbrun

“Excellent school, excellent education and family atmosphere. Those that have never been there just don't understand the importance of all of the above. Great memories. Now my boys are getting to make their own memories.”

– Carlos J. Canino

“My two sons graduated from CEA (from Kindergarten). Wonderful school and beautiful memories !!! Thank you CEA!!!”

– Asela Leon

“I am proud of been part of the CEA legacy. It's an honor.”

– Laura Luna, Art Teacher

“Yo estoy orgullosa de haber formado parte (de CEA). Aprendí mucho y fue una parte muy enriquecedora de mi vida.”

– Maria Jesus Vallve, Spanish Dance Teacher

“Way more than a school!”

– Larry Burnet

“Words cannot express how impressed I was with the Festival of the Arts on Saturday night. I was filled with emotion thinking of our dear Conchita and how incredibly proud she would be of her daughter, granddaughters, faculty and the staff. The festival was a testament of her legacy.

It is amazing to see the talent exhibited by CEA students. It is more than the high academic standards CEA has, it is about the total education experience of these children. CEA provides an environment where the children learn to be a complete person, how to make friendships and share their feelings, how to respect their peers and their teachers and staff. It is a school where the students’ minds and souls are nurtured with love and respect. Their education experience at CEA will be the foundation for their future lives.

Congratulations to Mrs. Diaz, the entire faculty and staff for your amazing work in educating young people. I am thankful that my children and grandchildren had the CEA experience!!! May God bless you always!”

– Carmen Rosa Marrero

Mi esposo y yo buscamos nuestro hijo por mas de 10 años por problemas médicos que no quedábamos embarazados. Pero un día y sin esperarlo llego la noticia de la llegada de nuestro hijo: fueron los meces más mágicos. Disfrutaba cada día su latido, sus movimientos, etc. Cuando nació, comprobamos que Dios es inmensamente grande. Es por eso que para nosotros CEA no es solo un colegio, es su segundo hogar, su segunda casa. Para nosotros, cada día es un regalo en donde tenemos la responsabilidad de hacer de el un gran ser  humano y sabemos que esto se logra con muchos ingredientes, excelentes maestros, cosechar amigos, dedicación, amor, etc y eso encontramos en CEA, un lugar en donde lo mas lindo que Dios nos dio tendrá las bases tan solidas que le permitirá enfrentar los retos cada vez mas grandes de este mundo. ¡Somos un equipo! Gracias.

- Carmelo y Damaris Mastroeli

Conchita Espinosa, nuestra meta!

Pensando y buscando un colegio con una buena educación para nuestras hijas, otra madre con la que estoy conversando sobre colegios me nombre un nuevo colegio para mi, Conchita Espinosa Academy! Al investigar sobre Conchita, me sentí que este era el lugar para mi familia, una escuela llena de valores, arte, y disciplina con amor! Mis hijas están felices y nosotros también como padres de compartir tan lindos días junto a ustedes!

- Familia Dalati Cortes

As parents we wish nothing but the best for out daughter. And if we were certain before, we are 100% confident that CEA is an environment where our little girl will blossom into an assertive young woman who values the important things in life. "The legacy" showed just that, an example of how group effort and passion can grow into something absolutely beautiful. Something bigger than what they now understand but I am sure that once they grow old they will be thankful. We are very proud that our most precious treasure is being well taken care of and is part of the CEA family. Thank you for an unforgettable evening!

 - Yira Ginestra, parent


Student Testimonials

Conchita has been my second home since I was in Pre-Primary. I feel like I am part of a big, loving family. Conchita has helped me learn that I have a passion for dance and music. Conchita created this school for everyone to shine and find their place in the world.

In Conchita Espinosa Academy, we express our gratitude to the school by behaving well, being good friends, and pursuing our dreams. Conchita has formed me into the person I am today. When I received the Eucharist, I felt calm, loved, and blessed all at the same time.

– Grace Odom-Montbrun, 5th Grade

If you’re not from Conchita, you don’t know what you are missing. Dear Coach Jon, Thanks for making me laugh every day. You have put a smile on my face a countless amount of times. You have taught me how to be humble and loyal. You have helped make me the basketball player I am today.

 – Joshua Perez, 5th Grade

This school is so great that in some breaks and weekends I actually want to go back to school! Many people say that CEA is their second home, but to me, it’s just as equal. My teachers not only show me new things, they help me bring out the inner skills with useful information, and let me reach new heights.

- Danae Geordiadis, 5th grade

Not every school has great teachers, friendly kids, and wonderful education, but CEA has all these good qualities. The field trips I have been on during my years at CEA were thrilling. Piano is fun and relaxes my mind after school. Playing the piano is not easy, but if you try, you will succeed. Though you have to wake up early for meetings, it is a good feeling to be a leader of your school.

 – Diya Agarwal, 5th grade, Student Council Vice-President

“When I was placed in theatre mastery, I thought it was a mistake. A shy girl like me could not be put into theatre. As the year progressed, I started realizing how much I actually liked theatre and how much I was enjoying my new friends. Seventh grade came and went in a flash. During seventh grade the people who were just my friends became my best friends. I had a year full of so many laughs and adventures that I will never forget. It is now my last year in Conchita and my last year with my new theatre family. As I look back at these past years, I realize that I have not only gained a passion, but a family.”

– Victoria Cantens, 8th Grade

“Winning is the best feeling, especially when you win a championship that has not been won in eight years. It’s a feeling that I wish I could never let go. It was worth every single sweat drop, the soreness, and being screamed at by coach. Every drop of effort that we put in was the same effort we got right back out of it. It was a pleasure, not only winning, but playing alongside my friends, that I now call brothers.”

– Rafael Casanova, 8th Grade

“Two very exciting and happy moments for me were winning the Varsity Basketball and Varsity Football championships. First it was football. We had a great record and we were already champions of the south; however, the only way to become overall champions was to beat Aspina, the team which had beaten us last time that we played them. I was not expecting to win that game, but with teamwork and dedication we became the league champions. Were 12-2 in the overall basketball season so far and all that was left was the championship game. We won the game and became not just football champions, but basketball champions too. Both of these were great for me and I am blessed to have experienced them.”

– Bruno Ciardelli, 8th Grade

“I started CEA in 1st grade. Now I’m in the 8th grade. So many memories from the Fairy Tale Ball, Family Affair, and St. Augustine, to our 8th grade Disney trip, but there are memories that stand out ahead of others. One of my last memories, and also one of my most important memories was playing the piano. It has been with me longer that I can remember, and it’s always there when I need it. I started when I was in 2nd grade and I’m still continuing. I’ve done many performances, especially in Festival. Conchita has taught me things that I will never forget and given me my love for the piano.”

– Alejandro Fernandez, 8th Grade

“A memory at Conchita that I will forever cherish is when the eighth grade boys’ basketball team won the middle school basketball championship. This is a memory that will forever stay with me because I did it around my friends. It was all worth it – waking up at 6 o’clock in the morning for morning practice at 7:00, staying for practice after games. Whether we won or lost, we still did it, and we did it as a team. Thank you, Mrs. Diaz, for letting me leave with a soul of a champion.”

– Javier Gil, 8th Grade

“Taking piano classes has changed the way I listen and feel about music.”

– Keyli Gomez, 8th Grade

“Being able to experience many school events from behind the lens gave me a new perspective of the school. I learned in yearbook how to speak up and talk with confidence. In yearbook, and in every aspect of the school, I grew. I had an unforgettable experience here in Conchita and I’m glad for all the memories that this school gave me, I will truly cherish them.”

– Amanda Gonzalez, 8th Grade

“My first time on film (in CTV) became my legacy.”

– Christine Hawkins, 8th Grade

“CEA is where I learned to run. My body took me to higher standards, speeding up to achieve things I never thought I could. CEA is the home of the arts. Opportunities were passed out like homework. I learned how to express myself through songs, art, music, and smiles. CEA is where I found my passion for writing. I looked forward to picking up my pencil. Putting words on paper, giving them power and meaning. CEA is a place where I expanded. My mind was filled with knowledge and my heart was filled with love that was sometimes forgotten to give.”

– Paulina Jalil, 8th Grade

“Conchita is a place where people find their passion and reach their full potential.”

– Nicole Medina, 8th Grade

“This school is going to be a part of my heart, a part of my soul, a part of me.”

– Camila Paraguacuto, 8th Grade

My teammates, my coaches, and my school. All the things I play for. Football and Basketball. We’re champions. That feeling of calling Yourself a champion is one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t thank my school enough for everything that they have given me. Thank you Mrs. Diaz!

 - Joseph Perez, 8th Grade

When I see these students in ballet I see a spark of passion and I love to watch what they are doing. This spark is a spark I only see here. Never lose this spark. This spark can be lost in a second and it takes years to get passion. I know Conchita will never lose its passion.

- Victoria Volpe, 4th Grade Ms. Jeria

CEA Middle School sets the path to the future. Every student is part of a wonderful family where they can grow and blossom as individuals with a clear sense of teamwork, leadership, culture, and passion. With the many opportunities that CEA offers, Middle School is a place where you can find who you really are.

- Valentina Rodriguez, 8th grade

I think that CEA middle school is different because we have a very good arts program that most other schools don't have. So that makes us well rounded individuals.

- Nicolas Aixala, 8th grade

I feel that Middle School prepares me for high school. In every grade, we learn something that is above our grade level, making it easier for high school. Middle school is really fun and I think that we have a better chance of making new friends and having new experiences in every school dance or party. Middle school is a new beginning for me and my friends, and I think that it is amazing!

– Chloe Jova, 6th grade


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Conchita Espinosa Academy, 12975 SW 6th Street, Miami, FL 33184, Office: 305-227-1149, Fax: 305-225-0184

Conchita Espinosa Academy is accredited internationally, nationally and regionally by Accreditation International (AI), National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA) , the Middle States Association (MSA), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and the Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF). We are also members of the Independent Schools of South Florida (ISSF).


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